Son of the South (2020)

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Son of the South: Directed by Barry Alexander Brown. With Lucas Till, Jim Klock, Michael Sirow, Jake Abel. The true story of one young white Southerner in the Summer of 1961, caught in a place and time where he had to choose which side he was on.

“As I write this the IMDb rating is u0026quot;5.3u0026quot; and it appears that relatively few have seen it. Almost 15% of the few votes are u0026quot;1u0026quot; presumably from the white supremacists who downvote any movie that depicts activity for human rights. The mean is u0026quot;6u0026quot; and the median is u0026quot;7u0026quot; which are much more reasonable evaluations.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe main character is Bob Zellner, a young white Alabama activist for Civil Rights in 1961. The movie is based on his book written from his own experiences. The sad part is that now, 60 years later, we are still dealing with many of the same issues in small pockets all over the USA. Most seem to still be somewhere in the South. It is always jarring when we hear of yet another white supremacist, now often females, who attack people of color. The prevalence of phones with video cameras to record such incidents make them better known all over.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAnyway the subject is always hard to see but this movie does justice to the times and the racial struggles. I was in high school in the South in 1961. My wife and I watched it at home on DVD from our public library.”


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