Killerman (2019)

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Killerman: Directed by Malik Bader. With Liam Hemsworth, Emory Cohen, Diane Guerrero, Zlatko Buric. Two NYC money launderers make a quick drug deal. Things go wrong, as dirty cops are involved. One of the friends gets amnesia during their escape with the drugs and money.

“This is novice writer, director and actor Malik Bader first writing attempt, and yes, it certainly needed tweaking in his screenplay, and the directing wasnu0026#39;t top notch, but for a low budget indie film, I actually enjoyed it – on a lazy Sunday popcorn flick. Casting was decent all around and everyone performed their characters quite well. The score was absent and subtle for the most part, but felt little overwhelming in some scenes. The cinematography was on point and I loved the old 80u0026#39;s themed setting. Certainly not worth all the 1u0026#39;s and 2u0026#39;s… based on the filmmakers repertoire and experience, as well as the low budget, itu0026#39;s well deserving of a 6.5 rounded up to a 7 due to the wannabe critics giving 1 and 2u0026#39;s. I do with the budget was a little bigger to have a seasoned screenwriter and assistant director, as that wouldu0026#39;ve made this film great Iu0026#39;m still trying to find out if this was actually based on true events after reading the closing credits.”


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