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Money: Directed by Martín Rosete. With Jesse Williams, Kellan Lutz, Jamie Bamber, Fredric Lehne. Two corporate spies with a $5 million haul for selling secrets are held hostage by a thief, triggering a game of cat and mouse to gain the upper hand.

“Great movie with impeccable dramatic development. From the presentation of the characters to their arrival to the house until the development of the past of each of them within it, the story is provoking in the viewers a continuous change of reference point and, therefore, fixation of your interest. Excellent management work of actors who manage to set the tone for each of the personal stories of each and an almost perfect casting for each of the roles. The film, whose development does not leave indifferent to the spectators by its continuous change of point of view of the history on the part of each one of its personages, ends of surprise form presenting / displaying a worthy end of the whole history.”


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