When the Cobra Strikes (Video 2012)

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When the Cobra Strikes: Directed by Scott Donovan, Lilly Melgar. With Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Masami Kosaka, T.J. Storm, Ogy Durham. One man travels across country, smuggling illegal black diamonds to sell in order to pay for his father’s pardon in South Africa.

“u0026quot;You donu0026#39;t understand, thereu0026#39;s nothing you can do to save your father.u0026quot; When Sizwie (Storm) finds out that his father is in prison he wants to get him out. He finds a way by selling black market diamonds in America. What starts as a simple transaction turns dangerous when he is double crossed and becomes a party to contraband. He must now fight to save not only his father but also himself. While I was expecting much worse from this it was still a very forgettable movie. The fighting is exciting and very well done and the plot is a good idea. The problem is that when the fighting isnu0026#39;t happening it tends to drag a little and becomes forgettable. I again think this isnu0026#39;t a bad movie at all and is entertaining to a point but it seemed to be flat the whole way through and was really nothing original. There are a ton of martial arts movies out there and this is a little better then most but still very OK. Overall, another type of movie that is entertaining but you forget as you are watching it. I give it a B-.”


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