Weihnachten mit Dennis (Video 2007)

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Weihnachten mit Dennis: Directed by Ron Oliver. With Maxwell Perry Cotton, Robert Wagner, Louise Fletcher, Isaac Durnford. To make sure that his beloved neighbour, Mr Wilson, has the perfect Christmas, the neighbourhood’s lively six-year-old boy, Dennis Mitchell, makes a long list of things one needs to make it work. However, is Mr Wilson willing to change?

“You shouldnu0026#39;t watch this, your children shouldnu0026#39;t watch this,prisoners at Gitmo shouldnu0026#39;t watch this. Only those who produced this abomination should be forced to view their mistake over and over again. I wish I could give it a zero. The # 1 problem with the plot is a total lack of child supervision. This observation came from my daughter not me though I totally concur. It was totally devoid of humor, the characters were two-dimensional at best and Joseph Kerns from the grave could have put more life into Mr. Wilson than Robert Wagner did. Canu0026#39;t anyone make a Christmas story for kids anymore? And please hire kids that can act like natural kids instead of just being cute.”


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