Grandpa's Psycho (2015)

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Grandpa’s Psycho: Directed by Danny LeGare. With David Gere, Jamie Szantyr, Greg Nutcher, Shivantha Wijesinha. A dark and gritty psychological thriller that explores one small town man’s need to purify the world of sin, one sinner at a time. His medieval and brutal cleansing process directly contradicts the devotion he has for his granddaughter. Tension builds as we discover secrets surrounding the psychotic behavior of this quaint god fearing little town.

“This not a gory film, nor is it really a horror. It is a portrait of a self righteous acolyte that has followed his beliefs into a realm of lunacy. The titular character looks like Fire Marshal Bill when he talks, which was hard for me to get past. I kept waiting for him to scream u0026quot;let me show you something!u0026quot;. The level of acting in the film is inconsistent. Some of the actors did a good job, but others… not so much. Grandpa is a pretty believable character and therefore sufficiently creepy. The daughteru0026#39;s performance was a bit robotic, but a lot of that could have been the poorly written dialog, which was at times pretty cringe worthy. Especially the conversations between the daughter and the cop. The camera work was not bad. The pacing was a little slow. One of the biggest problems I had was that the granddaughter was too old to be so naive and trusting. She spoke like a three year old, but she looked to be 11 or 12. A younger actress playing the role would have made that more believable. All in all, Iu0026#39;d say skip it, unless youu0026#39;re really bored.”


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