Sou suo (2012)

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Sou suo: Directed by Kaige Chen. With Yuanyuan Gao, Chen Yao, Mark Chao, Xueqi Wang. The story begins on a bus, when white-collar worker Ye refuses to give up her seat to a senior citizen. Her defiance is videotaped by a journalist intern and played during a news show. The video sparks intense debate on and off the Internet. Some Internet users search for Ye’s personal information and post it all online. The issue soon brings tremendous changes to the families of both the journalist intern and Ye’s boss.

“The movie explores the effects of loss of personal privacy, as well as human frailty, life, disease, death, and relationships. Of course many of the tensions in the plot could have been solved if the character would have done X or Y but thatu0026#39;s not the point, right? Overall stellar performance by the actors and actresses. Especially yao chen!”


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