Spurlos (1993)

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Spurlos: Directed by George Sluizer. With Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland, Nancy Travis, Sandra Bullock. The boyfriend of an abducted woman never gives up the search as the abductor looks on.

“As everyone who has reviewed this film here has mentioned, there are two versions of this movie, one Dutch, one American, both directed by the same fellow. Which should you see first? Which should you avoid, if any? Decide for yourself… I saw the Dutch version in 1994, and it absolutely blew my socks off. I was horrified, didnu0026#39;t want to keep watching it, but I was pulled in and couldnu0026#39;t stop until the brilliant, ultra-chilling, uncompromising finale. This was my first foreign film, and so I was completely unprepared for such a non-Hollywood experience. I will remember this movie for the rest of my life. Later on, I caught the American version in the theatres, watched it, a few thrills here and there, yadda, yadda. Jeff Bridges was pretty creepy, but quite frankly, I would have completely forgotten about it by now if it werenu0026#39;t for the original. Itu0026#39;s not horrible, it just pales in comparison to a masterpiece.”


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