100 Yen Love (2014)

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100 Yen Love: Directed by Masaharu Take. With Sakura Andô, Hirofumi Arai, Yôzaburô Itô, Miyoko Inagawa. 32-year-old Ichiko (Sakura Ando) lives at home with her parents, passing the days in self-indulgent grunginess. Ichiko’s recently divorced younger sister Fumiko has moved back home with her young son. One day, after a particularly heated argument, Ichiko charges out of the house for good. With few employment options to support herself, Ichiko works the night shift at a 100 yen shop (dollar store). On her way home each day she passes a boxing gym where she watches Yuji Kano (Hirofumi Arai) silently practice, developing a crush on him. The pair starts seeing each other and things change for Ichiko… At last, the bell rings and longtime loser Ichiko’s rematch with life begins!

“…well, 100 yen love is a very good movie. The pace is slow but is very important for the development of the story, so be patient and immerse in this simple images of a complicated life. Excellent work by the main character, Ichiko played by Ando. From start to finish she is the movie, all the other parts revolves around her. The other actors perform pretty well their respective characters, included the slum guy ( ) that barely appears. She s a 32 years old slacker that lives with her mother and recently with her sister and nephew and her not so useful father. Ichiko is the definition of apathy, lack of enthusiasm, laziness, disinterest, etc plus she does not help with their own store. Seems that she does not have ambitions and of course does not work or has a boyfriend.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe mother spoiled her too much until a big fight with the other daughter, after that Ichiko is invited to leave the house; however, the mother gives her some money to rent a place and to see if she can start a new life. Somehow she managed to get a job in the local store (Konbini) that s open 24 hours per day. Night shift so she can earn almost a minimum Japanese salary but working part time. She always passing by a box gym; flashing with another particular guy that practice there. All along the story you can see the transformation in body and mind of Ichiko, due to training hard and to have a pursuit in life; these things seem that s going away in new generations in many countries; in my opinion is the fault of the parents and the cooperative/protective governments (mostly in populist ones) Not so many dialogues in the movie and the few, are short and straightforward; most it said by the looks, intentions, actions, etc. -Now she lives in a rented apartment, has a job, a training schedule and fell in love with that other particular character. Lots for a gal that few weeks before only lived in a room playing video games and eating junk food. It s more like self esteem is to be found self dignity. But is not all beautiful and u0026quot;Hollywoodesqueu0026quot;, many problems along that she face up to but there s hope ahead; just like real life.”


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