Permissive (1970)

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Permissive: Directed by Lindsay Shonteff. With Maggie Stride, Gay Singleton, Gilbert Wynne, Alan Gorrie. Suzy arrives in London with nowhere to stay and meets Fiona, a group who has settled into a relationship with Lee, a singer/bassist in a rock band.

“This may well be an accurate picture of rather plain girls coming down to London, hooking up with rather ordinary rock musicians and being lugged around the country providing the off piste extras. It is, however, without doubt a dull, dreary and depressing view of life. The guys may look okay on stage but there is a distinct lack of presence or barely of life backstage where they seem even more morose than the girls who wait to open a fly, or two. There is some attempt to vary the dismal look or the proceedings with rapid zooms and speeded up flash backs and even flash forwards but would I ever want to see this again? No thanks.”


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