Almost Sunrise (2016)

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Almost Sunrise: Directed by Michael Collins. With Rebekah Voss, Thomas P. Voss. The epic journey of two friends, ex-soldiers, who battle the moral injuries of war, and the temptation to escape through suicide, as they walk across America. Step by step, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson confront the demons that haunt them, while discovering the power of community and spirituality to heal them.

“I got douche chills when I originally saw the new series trailer. It typified a lot of what I find wrong with Hollywood these days! I watched the pilot and it was as underwhelming and ill conceived as expected. Why not go full PC and make T.C. a female combat pilot and Rick trans gender while they are at it?nAnxiously awaiting that re boot of u0026quot;F Troopu0026quot; starring David Hasselhoff and Kevin Hart. All the enjoyment of drinking warm, flat soda. Ugh…Meh! Hollywood really can screw up toast!”


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