Killshot (2008)

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Killshot: Directed by John Madden. With Mickey Rourke, Brandon McGibbon, Peter Kelly Gaudreault, Michelle Arvizu. Beautiful Carmen Colson and her ironworker husband Wayne are placed in the Federal Witness Protection program after witnessing an “incident”. Thinking they are at last safe, they are targeted by an experienced hit man and a psychopathic young upstart killer. The ensuing struggle will test Carmen to the limit.

“I saw the movie after checking its rating on IMDb. Back then, it was at 8.0 and I thought, u0026quot;wow! That must be a good oneu0026quot;. I thought wrong. The beginning of the movie actually keeps what the plot promises, but then it goes exponentially down underneath its basement. I think without the character of Richie Nix, it might have been alright – although he is the reason the story line takes the course it does. The character is just too extreme for my liking, and hard to endure. Also, the journey the main character takes from the beginning of the story till its u0026quot;climaxu0026quot; at the end is partly irrelevant and could easily have been omitted – the alternative is, I just did not understand the movie.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAlthough I must admit that it is u0026quot;easy watchingu0026quot;, and I had no problems sitting through the whole movie, when it had finished I was somewhat unimpressed by the ending. All in all, rather mediocre.”


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