Abgezockt! (2003)

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Abgezockt!: Directed by Gavin Grazer. With Alicia Silverstone, Rachael Leigh Cook, Woody Harrelson, John Cleese. By chance 3 employees rob their bank the same weekend.

“u0026quot;Scorchedu0026quot; is a silly comedy romp about the antics of a motley bunch of unrelated people in a small desert community who plan to rob the same bank about the same time on the same morning of the same day. On the upside, the film offers a good good cast, plenty of familiar faces, and gets busy and stays busy with slapstick and wackiness all the way to the end. On the downside, it offers no big budget bennies and only squeaks by with a marginal no-brainer screenplay. Watchable though barely recommendable, u0026quot;Scordhcedu0026quot; isnu0026#39;t a film the players are going to be proud to have on their resumes but should be an enjoyable watch for the less than sophisticated comedy palate, comedy junkies, fans of the players, etc. (B-)”


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