Adventures of Serial Buddies (2011)

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Adventures of Serial Buddies: Directed by Keven Undergaro. With Henry Winkler, Christopher Lloyd, Beth Behrs, Christopher McDonald. A coincidental encounter forces four dim wits to join forces and embark upon an idiotic and hilarious road trip – encountering skinheads, fraternity jocks, sorority babes, missing children, bikers, porn-stars, clowns, and Kathie Lee Gifford.

“this movie was fun to see and made you laugh at the foibles you see in the world today, especially the nutty ones. making fun of crazy peoplesu0026#39;u0026#39; hang-ups, is very funny,especially when you make it double up, reminds you of napoleon dynamite, only twice as good. go see it and do not be afraid to laugh, its funny. black comedy is very hard to master, it takes a very astute writer to know where the line is between comedy and stupidity. keven handled this extremely well, first by giving a main character a speech impediment, and showing the other main characteru0026#39;s religious confusions, and then directing it so that it the characters owned them for real. great show.”


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