Solar Attack – Der Himmel brennt (TV Movie 2006)

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Solar Attack – Der Himmel brennt: Directed by Paul Ziller. With Mark Dacascos, Joanne Kelly, Kevin Jubinville, Sugith Varughese. When the sun’s increasing expulsions of plasma threaten to ignite methane in our atmosphere, international tensions rise while scientists race for a solution to avoid natural disaster.

“I saw this last night and kept watching as there was nothing else on that was better. The premise of the movie was cool. Big solar storm ignites the atmosphere and has the potential of instantly wiping out life on Earth. However, the dialogue in the movie was horrible. The script was lacking emotion and intensity. The dialogue could have been so much better. The acting was alright given the bad dialogue. Louis Gosset, Jr. plays the president but has a small role in the movie overall. The score was horrible. The movie needed more intense music and more emotive dialogue. This movie lacked in intensity and would have benefited greatly from it. Unfortunately, the movie was pretty much on par with most small budget films made in Canada.”


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