Another Cinderella Story (Video 2008)

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Another Cinderella Story: Directed by Damon Santostefano. With Selena Gomez, Drew Seeley, Jane Lynch, Katharine Isabelle. Mary lives with her evil stepmom/sisters and slaves for them. At the high school masquerade ball, she gets to dance with her pop idol, Joey. Running home before midnight, she drops her Zune. Joey tries to find the girl who fits the Zune.

“Okay, I was expecting it to be Another Cinderella Story spin off like the first one, and usually when they redo it, it is bad! Not this one, I liked it. Okay, it did have the same story line as the first one, but we are talking about A Cinderella Story here. That is why it is called u0026quot;Cinderellau0026quot;, and yes she will have a mean stepmother and two silly stepsisters so you canu0026#39;t really change on that. The dancing was great. It was fun, light entertainment and definitely better than I expected. It might not be a show stopper movie and it is made with young teenagers in mind but if you liked the first one as well as movies like the Princess Diaries, etc, give this one a go too.”


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