My Gal Sunday (TV Movie 2014)

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My Gal Sunday: Directed by Kristoffer Tabori. With Rachel Blanchard, Cameron Mathison, Steve Bacic, Vincent Gale. A newlywed couple proves their crime-solving prowess when their political ties and successful private-eye business suddenly puts them in grave danger. When their parents are taken hostage by a vengeful kidnapper looking for justice for the wrongful murder conviction of his brother, the duo must work together to uncover the clues that will save their parents’ lives — and put their own on the line.

“The good: Cameron Mathison and a mystery that doesnu0026#39;t feature a murder. The bad: most of the rest. While the actors were fine in their roles, they werenu0026#39;t given much with which to work. The preposterous plot is worthy of a Cussler novel, which means itu0026#39;s convoluted at best when squeezed into a hour. Factual errors were at least one per segment. The editing in of unnecessary and unrelated flashbacks tended to make things confusing. Itu0026#39;s quite obvious why this did not become a series.”


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