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Pablo: Directed by Richard Goldgewicht. With Andrew Ableson, Julian Barry, Richard Benjamin, Beau Bridges. A blend of documentary and animation tributing the life and work of legendary film-title designer Pablo Ferro.

“Dude clearly had a giant impact and i think he at least deserved to get his sauna. I know that the movie is a means to that as well as a chronicle and testament to the manu0026#39;s work and life. I really am happy to see artists and designers getting documentaries made with their input and charisma on screen. So far he is the youngest of the few Iu0026#39;ve seen and that says something since heu0026#39;s like 72 in the picture. Video documentaries make these people so much more accessible to the youth and uncouth and really do a great service for everyoneu0026#39;s benefit. I mean, how many people even realize that opening credits are something people get paid for?”


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