Cassidy Red (2017)

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Cassidy Red: Directed by Matt Knudsen. With Abby Eiland, David Thomas Jenkins, Jason Grasl, Jessy Knudsen. A woman returns to her hometown seeking bloodthirsty retribution when her lover is killed by her scornful ex-fiancé. Torn between love, hate, loyalty, and vengeance, her path to satisfaction widens out of her control..

“This move moves lethargically, like a turtle on Thorazine. It is best described as a thinking manu0026#39;s western, just, in this case, itu0026#39;s a thinking woman…or rather, a girl. A girl who doesnu0026#39;t watch westerns, and prefers Glee. It does have some nice cinematography though, and we see Arizona landscape in all its splendor. Even the sets are quite ok for a low budget western.nAnd now the bad… the story is of revenge, revenge at the stray viewer who stumbles upon it on the Prime…The creators were aware of the western form and canons, but were not able to substantiate it, or infuse any genuine soul in this project. Oh, and did I mention that, it is lacking energy until the very end, when it is released in a somewhat farcical way. Acting is largely amateurish, making it annoying at times. The sound follows closely.nI would give it 3 stars were it not for the fake upvoting, so, for the sake of fairness, 2/10.”


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