Exzesse im Blutrausch (1976)

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Exzesse im Blutrausch: Directed by Jim Sotos. With Tanya Roberts, Ron Max, Nancy Allen, Brian Freilino. A serial rapist stalks and murders prostitutes.

“Mark Valley did a good job of portraying a man trying to figure out who he is. Leon Coffee became an instant likeable character and did a very good job. R. Lee Ermey did the job that would be expected of someone who can portray a great bit character on a constant basis. Of course Buck Taylor did his great job as always and you learn quickly to like the character he plays. Mark Collie improves with each film he is in. Once again he can surprise you with the character in him. The storyline was great and it took me almost a third of the way in to start realizing what was going on. You couldnu0026#39;t stop watching it just to see the ending. A couple of odd part were left hanging but I really donu0026#39;t think they would have made a difference in the production. This was a very enjoyable western and for our time now it was completed with good thought and acting. Rare nowadays with all the blood and guts being shown. Youu0026#39;ll enjoy it.”


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