Sleep with Me – Liebe zu dritt (1994)

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Sleep with Me – Liebe zu dritt: Directed by Rory Kelly. With Meg Tilly, Eric Stoltz, Craig Sheffer, Lewis Arquette. Sarah, Joseph and Frank are BFFs. Joseph and Sarah get married but the evening before she tells Frank with a kiss that it could’ve been him. Frank continues to have a thing for Sarah.

“One of my favorite Stoltz characters is the gritty Joseph in Sleep with Me. Although he is raw and sometimes hard to love because of his `oglingu0026#39;, Stoltz gives him a believable personality creating a lot of mixed feelings between Sarah, Frank and himself. Great one-liners and generation dialogue in this film creates a fast, interesting, funny and real experience. One realizes Josephu0026#39;s tender side as he watches his wife become giddy at Franks confessions…`Honey, Iu0026#39;m getting ready to cloud up and rain all over youu0026#39;… An interesting bit of info… the couch used in Franku0026#39;s apartment looks exactly like the loveseat Bridget Fondau0026#39;s character in Bodies, Rest u0026amp; Motion gave Sid, the painter – Eric Stoltz.”


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