Teiichi no kuni (2017)

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Teiichi no kuni: Directed by Akira Nagai. With Masaki Suda, Yûdai Chiba, Charles Glover, Riku Hagiwara. Teiichi dreams of one day being the ruler of his own empire, but to get there he needs to make sure that his candidate for class president at his elite high school wins the election. This is a high school election fought with all the fervor or a nasty, national campaign. Lies, bribery, sabotage and scandal all come into play as the boys fight it out to determine who will be the next class president.

“This movie storyline is unusual and i like that itu0026#39;s funny in it own ways, i also like the main character ambition but sorry tho i gotta give my heart to Dan heu0026#39;s really sweet, what can i say for this movie is motivational i guess, since i can relate to the main character, the actor is really amazing all of them is really well known not just that but they also fit the characters, everything is so clear nothing confusing, what can i say for people who read this review is that you need to watch this at least once !”


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