Fortress (Video 2012)

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Fortress: Directed by Mike Phillips. With Bug Hall, Donnie Jeffcoat, Sean McGowan, Chris Owen. A replacement co-pilot joins a B-17 bomber crew in North Africa. He soon finds himself at odds with the remainder of the crew and has to regain their trust and support.

“I hate seeing people unfairly underrating films because they are not happy with seeing unknown actors and graphics that donu0026#39;t reach super tech status…give them a chance, these guys have created an enjoyable b movie that easily equals anything that a more known actor can make. Why do you all down talk graphics and special effects? its not always the graphics that make the film,do you think you can do any better? …i didnu0026#39;t think so or youu0026#39;d have done it by now….this movie was better than many i have seen so far these last few months and as it was based on true facts i wasnu0026#39;t expecting anything overly exciting to happen but was impressed by the story and will happily watch it again another day with my partner.”


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