The Living and the Dead (2006)

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The Living and the Dead: Directed by Simon Rumley. With Leo Bill, Roger Lloyd Pack, Kate Fahy, Sarah Ball. A descent into Hell is triggered when “Ex-Lord” Donald Brocklebank finds that he must leave Longleigh House for London to find a way to pay for the medical treatments for his wife Nancy. Alone, his over-protected, delusional, adult son, James, fancies himself in charge of the manor house with his terminally ill mother, and barricades the two of them into the house for a series of ever more panicked home treatments, mistakenly protecting her from the arrival of Nurse Mary and any outside help.

“Comparing this film to some of Miikeu0026#39;s other films (such as Ichi The Killer or Fudoh), you can tell heu0026#39;s going for a more mainstream style here. The film revolves around a team of police officers (or Security Police as theyu0026#39;re referenced as) who are tasked with the job of protecting a murder with a one billion Yen bounty on his head. I loved this concept (which is reminiscent of S.W.A.Tu0026#39;s storyline) and it got me invested in the story. The idea of all of Japan having their eyes on one man was extremely interesting and gave major tension to the film. You never knew who was going to try to claim that bounty and at what time. I did have some gripes with the film, such as Nanako Matsushimau0026#39;s character constantly threatening Kiyomaru and then suddenly saying she was testing them, but overall I had a fun time with this. Donu0026#39;t go into the film expecting Miikesu0026#39; usual bloody and twisted style, but instead a more mainstream and entertaining film with a little bit of thought to it.”


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