I Want to See the Manager (2014)

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I Want to See the Manager: Directed by Hannes Lang. In the light of the current transformations within the global power structure, I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER traces the linkage of economic ascent and decline in seven paradigmatic episodes. India, Bolivia, China, USA, Italy, Thailand, Venezuela – each place contains fragments of another; each episode bears testament to the hopes and fears of its protagonists. By juxtaposing these local experiences in the face of global economy, the film questions the notion of rise and decay.

“It wasnu0026#39;t that it was a bad movie… but it was slow and sad and it lacked a purpose. There was no real life lesson or anything informative or any redemption. Just a movie about a quiet, sensitive 15-year-old boy with some difficult family problems and who gets attached to a horse that isnu0026#39;t his. Although the acting is decent, thereu0026#39;s little to no dialog in most of the movie. There isnu0026#39;t even any creative cinematography or camera work to help keep us interested during the horse races, the truck rides or especially the long, slow trek across the desert (which I ended up fast-forwarding through.) As one devastating misfortune after another happens to Charley the movie just becomes more depressing and made me question the purpose of making this film or for watching it. OK to skip this one, in My Humble Opinion! 10/2018”


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