Yanks – Gestern waren wir noch Fremde (1979)

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Yanks – Gestern waren wir noch Fremde: Directed by John Schlesinger. With Richard Gere, Lisa Eichhorn, Vanessa Redgrave, William Devane. Joining WWII, USA ships soldiers to UK. Matt and John arrive in 1942. Each see a local woman – married or to be engaged with soldiers serving faraway.

“John Schlesinger returns to the land of his early, wonderful u0026quot;A Kind Of Lovingu0026quot; and u0026quot;Billy Liaru0026quot; for a cross-cultural love story with a critical but undoubtedly affectionate eye. Richard Gere, pre-u0026quot;American Gigolou0026quot; is terrific as Matt, the cook who falls for Jean, the local English rose played beautifully by the splendid American actress, Lisa Eichhorn. The Americans posted in the North of England felt truly abroad, they could hardly understand the lingo. For the locals it was a different story, they understood the American GIu0026#39;s because after all, they spoke like Gary Cooper. The elders look at the abrasive newcomers with politeness but also with a tinge of suspicion. There was a catch phrase at the time to describe the American troops: u0026quot;Theyu0026#39;re overpaid, oversexed and over hereu0026quot; The cultural differences go beyond language and in a masterful writing stroke tells us why. Richard Gere tells Lisa Eichhorn about his dreams for the future – building a chain of Motels across America – while her British boyfriend dreams of getting married and building their home above his parents shop. Lisa Eichhornu0026#39;s Jane is the perfect u0026quot;man in the middleu0026quot; attached to her parents (the wonderful Rachel Roberts and Tony Melody)world, and at the same time, she is fascinated by Richard Gereu0026#39;s look at the American dream – the u0026quot;everything is possibleu0026quot; mentality. The film is a gem. Unfairly overlooked in its day but now on its 30th anniversary risks to be rediscovered and and re-evaluated. It certainly deserves another life.”


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