Last Chance Cafe (TV Movie 2006)

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Last Chance Cafe: Directed by Jorge Montesi. With Kevin Sorbo, Kate Vernon, Jessica Amlee, John Novak. After uncovering evidence that her stepfather was murdered by a ring of corrupt cops and her DA ex-husband, a young woman is forced to flee with her daughter and hide in small farming town, where she falls for a local ranch owner despite her fears of the danger following her.

“Kevin Sorbo is the only saving grace of this movie. Somehow he manages to do an acceptable job of acting, in spite of a stupid plot, a horrible script, and a co-star that canu0026#39;t act. How 14 people could give this movie a rating of 10 is beyond me. This movie is basically a badly written dime store romance novel—extremely predictable and hard to watch (except, of course, for Sorbo). You can see him struggle with some of the more ridiculous lines, but generally he somehow manages to pull it off and even makes certain parts believable. However, again, in general, itu0026#39;s not worth watching (unless, of course, it is 3AM and there is nothing else to watch… which is how I got stuck watching it to the end).”


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