App War (2018)

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App War: Directed by Yanyong Kuruaungkoul. With Nat Kitcharit, Warisara Yu, Sirat Intarachote, Apiwich Reardon. Bomb and June, two app startup founders, are leading each of their teams to get their mobile applications off the ground and running. They meet each other at their favorite hideaway dinner place completely by chance, only to find that they have a lot in common and enjoy very same passions. The night is so inspiring that Bomb and June, individually, create and launch their own applications, “Inviter” and “Amjoin,” with the very same idea to “find people in common.” But when it comes to business, replicates mean competition. Bomb and June become rivals. The national Startup Thailand league is approaching, and they are struggling to win 100-million Thai baht prize. When the stakes are high, “Inviter” and “Amjoin” end up sending a spy sneaking in to the other team trying to gain the upper hand. But everything has its price to pay, as the plan gets out of control, and the relationship between the two are being jeopardized.

“The way the director plot everything is very realistic. The actors and actresses are so talented. They can express the right feelings in the right amount at the right moment, which gives smooth flow throughout the entire movie. This movie is a must watch! Even though the casts are not that good looking but they do have their special charisma in each and every one of them. The scripts are not very complicated so it can be easily understood and it is not over the top at all (like some movie did). Thus, I recommend you the very best movie of the year 2018!”


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