The American Side (2016)

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The American Side: Directed by Jenna Ricker. With Greg Stuhr, Don Stuhr, Kelsey Siepser, Grant Shaud. Following a mysterious suicide at Niagara Falls, a low-rent detective unravels a conspiracy to build a revolutionary invention by enigmatic scientist, Nikola Tesla.

“Iu0026#39;m a Buffalonian and a Buffalo booster, so I am admittedly biased, but it was thrilling to see my hometown, Lockport and Niagara Falls on the big screen, and in ways Iu0026#39;ve never imagined before! Greg Stuhr and Jenna Rickeru0026#39;s vision is both fresh and retro, the plot is complex and engaging, full of unexpected twists that require close attention. Iu0026#39;m not a noir buff, so I caught only some of the visual, audio and plot references to iconic noir, but this knowledge isnu0026#39;t necessary to totally enjoy the film. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe acting was really good. Greg Stuhr makes a convincing hard-boiled detective. The script is sharp, with some laugh out loud one liners. The score – by David Shire – is perfect. I canu0026#39;t recommend it highly enough.”


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