Diagnosis Delicious (TV Movie 2016)

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Diagnosis Delicious: Directed by Ron Oliver. With Maya Stojan, Ryan Rottman, Tanya Chisholm, Kasey Mahaffy. Chef Dave Oberlin’s (Ryan Rottman) career is in shambles when his altercation with a famous food critic goes viral. After being blacklisted by the elite restaurants, Dave is forced to take a teaching position at his friend’s culinary arts school. When cardiologist, Dr. Nina Kirby (Maya Stojan), is up for a promotion at the local hospital the Head of Cardiology informs her if she gets Dave on board to teach the Healthy Living seminars she would be a shoo-in for the position. The only problem is Nina can’t cook and she doesn’t want to learn. With a little coaxing from her best friend and coworker, Olivia (Tanya Chisholm), Nina agrees to take Dave’s class. When Nina presents Dave with the Healthy Living seminars he’s uninterested in working with her due to her lack of class participation. In her effort to persuade him to get on board, Nina and Dave come across some unexpected common ground.

“The story begins in a typical way. Woman must convince a man to do a job or she doesnu0026#39;t get a promotion. Itu0026#39;s pretty sad that to get the job of Chief Resident, she has to convince an arrogant chef to teach a cooking class at the hospital. I will say that the story isnu0026#39;t completely stale. It has 2 major love stories plus a secondary one related to a patient drama, so three stories in one. But to me that was unfortunate because it diluted Nina and Daveu0026#39;s story.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eNina and Dave donu0026#39;t start out well. Both are arrogant and stubborn. For over half the commercial running time of the movie, Nina refuses to compromise to achieve her goal of convincing Dave and neither has anything positive to say to the other for that whole time. Based on their behavior, neither one deserved that the other say anything positive. Then suddenly, they are about to kiss and with little to explain the sudden attraction. I didnu0026#39;t check the time, but I swear it was a lot less than 10 minutes of screen time together since their last big argument. This is the problem with trying to do too many things with the story. Nina and Daveu0026#39;s story made no sense. The other two stories had more appeal.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe flow of the stories was clumsy at times giving a feeling of being forced too much. The ending was way too predictable. The dialogue was plain.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDid anyone else think that the two residents had too much free time?u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOverall, with a couple of exceptions, the acting is from bad to fair. I never got over Ninau0026#39;s crabbiness to care for Maya Stojan. I thought she was stiff even after the relationship started to improve. I would say pretty much the same for Ryan Rottman. And the two had no chemistry, probably because they spent far more time angry at each other than friendly. Bess Armstrong probably had the best performance, and Ninau0026#39;s girlfriend, the brain surgeon, was also decent. The rest of the cast, especially the head doctor and loud mouthed board member, fall in the bad category.”


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