Distant Thunder (1988)

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Distant Thunder: Directed by Rick Rosenthal. With Ralph Macchio, John Lithgow, Kerrie Keane, Reb Brown. John Lithgow stars and Ralph Macchio co-stars as his son. Their uneasy reunion accidentally sparks war-haunted violence, and they share a harrowing fight for survival that will either destroy them or unify them forever.

“The one scene that really impressed me was the point where John Lithgowu0026#39;s character does postal on a guy with a knife at a bar. It was many years ago since Iu0026#39;ve seen this film. I still remember that scene. The instant rage in Lithgow, the fear he had of his own actions, and how freakin big he really is. JL never really seemed like an imposing guy to me till then. Good dramatic actor, would like to see more…”


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