Not with His Wife (TV Movie 2016)

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Not with His Wife: Directed by Chad Krowchuk. With Jewel Staite, Ryan Robbins, Martin Cummins, Leah Gibson. Forensic accountant Monica Bolland tracks down white-collar criminals, but when her husband Josh, an undercover agent for the FBI, is killed, she goes undercover herself to find his murderer. She gets a bookkeeping job with a criminal cartel but her cover is blown just as she discovers the devastating truth about her husband and the forces that brought him down.

“Again LMN doesnu0026#39;t disappoint you. Here the leading lady attempts to be a spy with obvious give-away clues as to her phony disguise. She goes around stealing information and snooping into the villains stuff. And no one catches her. When finally she is caught we all cheer hooray. All these LMN snoopy females are boring and unrealistic. Plot is boring, acting is boring and story line is very boring. Nothing really happens in this movie. We wait 2 hours to see the leading lady win her case. Boring. Nothing really exciting happens in this silly film. I found all the actors as silly in their portrayals as well. Not one outstanding performance. Typical LMN acting going nowhere. Oh, yes, the music is good. But that is all.”


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