Possession Diaries (2019)

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Possession Diaries: Directed by Juan Frausto. With Delilah Cotto, Eileen Dietz, Cyn Dulay, Monica Engesser. Playing with a Ouija board is dangerous, and college student Rebecca Clarkson is now documenting the proof, as day by day a demon takes possession of her while a webcam audience watch the horrific event.

“1. Playing a Carpenteru0026#39;s record backwardsn2. Throwing out expired milkn3. Overdue library booksn4. Crabgrassn5. Forgetting your customer loyalty card at the checkoutn6. Wally Coxn7. Seeing that youu0026#39;re down to 1 refill on your prescriptionn8. Chipmunks”


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