Web of Desire (TV Movie 2009)

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Web of Desire: Directed by Mark Cole. With Dina Meyer, Adrian Hough, Claudette Mink, William B. Davis. An ambitious E.R. doctor puts her career and family at risk when she succumbs to the desires of an online confidant.

“The directing, music, editing, etc are not focused on at all. My girlfriends and I were so excited to see this movie, thinking it was going to be a fun movie. But it will either surprise or disappoint you, depending on what your expectations are. You can predict the whole movie and ending very easily In the end, the audience gets a casserole of film elements and little of the satisfaction that comes from watching these types of movies. If you can find it on DVD or Bluray for under $7, buy it, but it wonu0026#39;t be worth much more than that to you because itu0026#39;s a bit outdated according to my tastes. So my final rating: 7/10.”


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