Atkan Chatkan (2020)

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Atkan Chatkan: Directed by Shiv Hare. With Lydian Nadhaswaram, Sachin Chaudhary, Tamanna Dipak, Aayesha Vindhara. It is the story of a gifted kid Guddu, who along with his street kid friends, forms a band to win a prestigious musical competition without using conventional instruments and unites his separated musician parents.

“Life never has been a bed of roses but with hope and courage, one can overcome all the difficulties in oneu0026#39;s life. Thatu0026#39;s why it is said, u0026#39;hope is the only thing stronger than fear.u0026#39; u0026#39;Atkan Chatkanu0026#39; establishes this principle strongly and positively. Moreover, this film keep alive the hope for good cinema too. Kudos to Shiv Hare and the team. !”


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