The Reunions (2020)

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The Reunions: Directed by Chengpeng Dong. With Jixiang Wang, Chengpeng Dong, Lu Liu. Rework on Dong Chengpeng’s previous award winning short “A Final Reunion”. A comedy director has come up with an idea of breaking through his common filmmaking take by shooting a short film about how his grandmother would have spent on the New Year’s day, crews recruited, the protagonist on set, everyone ready in the rural remote country where he was born and raised while out of everyone’s expectation, the grandma passed. The movie has to go on, hence the narrative metamorphosizes from here – You can’t always get what you want, as a storyteller, he leads the whole crew into another diverged yet moving journey.

“Scene 1 of the northern Film Festival. Quite coincidentally, I was off stage on the day when u0026quot;auspiciousu0026quot; won the best short film award in Taiwan. I was off stage for the first time in the archive last year. Today, when u0026quot;auspicious lucku0026quot; returned to the archive, I was still off stage. I felt that I had imperceptibly accompanied the film half the way. In fact, I have been thinking about what is real and what is fictional. These questions have been answered in the u0026quot;Ruyiu0026quot; paragraph, but more question marks will appear. This is a very strange film viewing experience. From the content level, it truly shows the ethical dilemma of northeast rural areas and even countless Chinese families. From the form, it sets up a mirror relationship worth thinking for the audience through the lens. In recent years, many young creators have tried this form, but Dapeng is undoubtedly the most mature. Still adhere to a point of view, Dapengu0026#39;s future can be expected.”


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