A Good American (2015)

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A Good American: Directed by Friedrich Moser. With William Binney, Jesselyn Radack, Kirk Wiebe, Diane Roark. How a group of NSA code-breakers had a chance of preventing 9/11.

“Many documentaries show us situations that we have some idea, that somewhat we know a bit or we have heard or read about it but not deep enough. For that reason, this documentary was a complete surprise from the beginning to the end and it seems the audience was very compelled too through the whole film… so I guess I wasnu0026#39;t the only one feeling like u0026quot;how this happened and I did not read or hear anything about itu0026quot;. The topic is extremely important and current; we have several documentaries about how important is protect our data and privacy but not so many about how we got in this situation. Here is that piece we were missing and helps a lot to make sense nowadays with our sense of surveillance. We have films about Edward Snowden and the last one, u0026quot;Snowdenu0026quot;, have the Nicolas Cageu0026#39;s character base in the creator of u0026quot;Thin threadu0026quot; that is the man, the good American.”


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