Hornet – Beschützer der Erde (2018)

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Hornet – Beschützer der Erde: Directed by James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik. With Shellie Sterling, Madison West, Mark Valeriano, Sallieu Sesay. When an alien race invades and begins to brainwash humans to carry out acts of destruction, the rest of humanity must rely on an untested giant robot to save the Earth.

“This movie is summed up halfway through by Jason Momoau0026#39;s character when he says u0026quot;We need to pull over here until I can figure out whatu0026#39;s going onu0026quot; Yeah, you and me both mate. Full of characters you neither love nor hate and with a story that is all over the place, this is almost a complete waste. Of everything. 5.5/10.”


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