Roof Culture Asia (2017)

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Roof Culture Asia: With Callum Powell, Sacha Powell, Benj Cave, Drew Taylor. Team Storror showcase Parkour on a stage never before seen – the rooftops of Asian megacities.

“Coming into this movie I didnu0026#39;t have any high expectations, I watched this with a friend whou0026#39;s really into the whole parkour thing. But throughout the movie I found myself captured with the narration and feel of it all. We are presented with professional parkour team Storror and their adventures as they embark on a journey throughout Asia to find, so called, parkour locations. In the movie we get insight in these daredevils minds but also get to take part of the uncertainties and the overcoming of them. We follow the group through many different locations, and your ears and eyes are treated with amazing sound and filming. On a very limited budget I would say this is one of the most impressive works there is. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI strongly recommend you watch this, to get a more detailed description of just what it means to be in a movement such as Roof Culture, and perhaps also to be inspired, because I sure was.”


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