Kalamity (2010)

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Kalamity: Directed by James M. Hausler. With Nick Stahl, Jonathan Jackson, Christopher M. Clark, Beau Garrett. After a recent breakup, Billy returns to his hometown to find something is not quite right with his best friend.

“Kalamity, directed by James Hausler, is a psychological thriller for everyone – male or female. This is a movie for people who enjoy getting into the mind of a killer. Starring Nick Stahl, Jonathan Jackson, Christopher Clark as the leads, Kalamity tells the story of college friends – in their post college years – when life becomes real. Back from a bad breakup, Billy (Stahl) is wounded and confused. Figuring he can count on a buddy to help him through the mess, he turns to Stan (Jackson), but he quickly realizes that Jackson is a bigger mess than he is and for far more serious reasons. The plot builds steadily as Billy (Stahl) and Christian (Clark) work through the maze of madness they find themselves in. This is a good movie, well-written with a key performance by Stahl. Get your popcorn before it starts; you do not want to have to leave the theater.”


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