"Doctor Who" The Time of the Doctor (TV Episode 2013)

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The Time of the Doctor: Directed by Jamie Payne. With Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, Orla Brady, James Buller. The Doctor’s worst enemies, The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Angels and The Silence, return, as the doctor’s eleventh life comes to a close, and his twelfth life begins.

“I have to admit I was crying harder than I have ever cried from a TV show! Seeing Matt Smith (the 11th doctor) regenerate brought me to tears! I balled!! I actually was crying throughout the episode while seeing what becomes of him in his final years! Seeing him grow old just had such visual meaning to it. The Time Of The Doctor was amazing and was overall a very beautifully written and directed episode and goes down as one of my all time favorites!!! I am truly going to miss my Doctor and this episode was the best farewell period! There are people out there who I like to call Moffat haters who would say this is anything less than great but I assure you they are wrong! Iu0026#39;m still trying to wrap my mind around everything that happened! I am one happy fan!”


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