The Hooligan Club – Fear and Fight (2008)

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The Hooligan Club – Fear and Fight: Directed by Neil Thompson. With Mel Raido, Colin Salmon, Shaun Parkes, Scot Williams. An underworld drama set in the early 1980s, about a lonely factory worker whose life is transformed when he becomes a nightclub doorman.

“To be honest, I reckon this knocks spots off any Guy Richie gangland type film. This is British Cinema at itu0026#39;s best and I was left wanting the film to just go on longer. The way it finishes with a blast of Bob Relfu0026#39;s northern soul number Blowing my Mind to Pieces just left you feeling excited about what had gone before. Yes it is brutal in places, funny too, as well as genuinely scary, not scary in the horror film type way but in the scared for the main characters. Brilliantly acted, the soundtrack of decent soul, Gwen Guthrieu0026#39;s Keep the Fireu0026#39;s Burning, Chicu0026#39;s Everybody Dance and even Willie Teeu0026#39;s One Way Street and the fact I found myself caring about the characters kept me hooked on the film right from the beginning. I canu0026#39;t recommend this film enough if you like a good hard film, well constructed with plenty of nostalgia thrown in.”


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