Cross Country Christmas (TV Movie 2020)

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Cross Country Christmas: Directed by Catherine Cyran. With Rachael Leigh Cook, Greyston Holt, Jon Cor, Robyn Bradley. Snowstorm threatens both Lina’s and Max’ holiday plans. They are forced to work together to figure out a way home – without taking it out on each other.

“I cannot believe at my age I am using u0026quot;cuteu0026quot; to describe a movie I like, but yet there it is.nI really liked this movie. Best One I have seen so far this year for the Christmas batch.nBoth of the leads were excellent, and you cold see them slowly becoming attracted to each other in a very heart warming manner. Sure it was derivative of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but all of these movies are derivative of something, and at least this one went for a classic and not just another schlocky paint by numbers plot.nI was waiting for the scene where the state trooper pulls them over in a burned out shell of the pet grooming van, but alas… probably for the best though.nAnyway, i thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!”


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