The House on the Hill (TV Movie 2019)

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The House on the Hill: Directed by Nadeem Soumah. With Samaire Armstrong, Rob Mayes, Bart Johnson, Lindsay Hartley. After years in a mental hospital, Megan goes home to visit her brother. But once she arrives her brother has vanished and no one in town remembers him ever existing. Is Megan losing her mind, or is something more diabolical at work?

“I watched this movie with my mom and my sister and let me tell you, we had a good laugh cuz of how stupid and cheap the movie is. LIKE WHO CLEANS A BULLET WOUND THROUGH A SHIRT. The plot is nice but the acting is absolutely terrible. 1 star cuz it made me laugh, 2 stars cuz it made me cry and 3 stars for effort even though it couldu0026#39;ve been better.”


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