Murder at the Mansion (TV Movie 2018)

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Murder at the Mansion: Directed by Sam Irvin. With Jason-Shane Scott, Lanie McAuley, Kim Shaw, Anna Hutchison. A bride-to-be becomes suspicious of her fiancee’s family while planning their wedding at his remote countryside estate.

“A woman is swept off her feet and goes to her boyfriendu0026#39;s family home for the wedding. There she meets her future Mother in law played by the still beautiful Audrey Landers. And her future sister in law who was adopted and very close to her Brother. Something mysterious happened to his previous fiancé who burned to death. The story is promising for this kind of Lifetime thriller. Itu0026#39;s not annoying but itu0026#39;s slow in the middle. Still want to see it to the end.”


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