Where Is Robert Fisher? (2011)

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Where Is Robert Fisher?: Directed by Charlie Minn. With Robert Caldwell, John Hook, T.J. Jiran, Adam Klawonn. Explore the disturbing story of one of America’s most wanted fugitives, Robert Fisher. Following the brutal murder of his family, Fisher went missing in 2001 – years later, his whereabouts remain unknown.

“This case is definitely interesting, but I found myself turning to my phone and the internet to get more info because the documentary was incredibly, painfully slow. It was odd the way it was put together, flip flopping theories literally from one shot to the next and did I mention how slow it was? This whole show was peppered with horrible, 80u0026#39;s creepy synthesizer music which was overlayed on top of so many home movies that do not move the story forward at all and long pauses throughout. I know the case has dried up a little and thatu0026#39;s why they may have dragged out the show. But, this is not an uninteresting case and it should have been done so much better.”


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