Hard Night Falling (2019)

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Hard Night Falling: Directed by Giorgio Bruno. With Dolph Lundgren, Hal Yamanouchi, Natalie Burn, Mario Opinato. After an Interpol operation in Italy, Michael attends a company dinner party when suddenly, the 50 guests are held hostage by 15-20 armed men for $150,000,000 there.

“We watched this not expecting cinematography brilliance, but simple non-cerebral entertainment. But it was so bad. It looked as if Dolph either has severe body damage and constant pain, restricting his movement, or he just didnu0026#39;t give a damn about a modicum of realism. When sneaking up on the bad guys he makes no effort to achieve stealth; he just walks around! He doesnu0026#39;t hide but still doesnu0026#39;t get hit by lots of automated weapons fire then offloads a couple of pistol rounds and the bad guys fall around dying. There is no blood when bad guys are stabbed and bodies dragged away. It is just as if no one cared about any pretense of realism. We laughed most of the way through this movie. But, hey, I guess that counts as some form of entertainment.”


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