Allegiance of Powers (2016)

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Allegiance of Powers: Directed by Michael Crum. With Robert Cavazos, Ariah Davis, Jason Dilworth, Justin Armstrong. “Groups of super powered people begin a war that will bring the city they live in crumbling down. Allegiances of super powered people fight for control of a young girl, who holds the ultimate power to control anything and everyone in the city. They will begin a war that in the end could bring the entire city crumbling down.”

“Director Gerald Crum, if one could be so bold as to call him that, clearly went to the Ed Wood School of Film. IMDB says this u0026#39;filmu0026#39; had a $2k budget. Doubtful. Pretty sure they could have bought either a script, an actor, or a camera for $2000. This project had none of those things. They obviously just rounded up some homeless folks, pointed a first generation iPhone at them, and told them to start talking. nu0026quot;Talk about what?u0026quot; they asked. nGerald said, u0026quot;It doesnu0026#39;t matter.u0026quot;”


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