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Maniac: Directed by William Lustig. With Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro, Abigail Clayton, Kelly Piper. A psychopathic man goes on a killing and mutilation spree in New York City.

“I just saw this wonderful film at the San Francisco Film Festival as a surprise entry. Beautifully shot and realized, it keeps you guessing until the end as to the true outcome. It was throughly entertaining and innovative. This movie has it all: romance, suspense, star crossed lovers and supernatural illusions. Edward Norton is perfectly cast as Eisenheim The Illusionist. His accent flowed seamlessly and he simply disappeared into the role. The real revelation to me was none other than Paul Giamatti. Paulu0026#39;s richly accented role was not altogether unlike Tommy Lee Jonesu0026#39; role in The Fugitive. I found his scenes with Norton full of respect and begrudging admiration. It was an absolute joy to see these two pros at work. I will definitely be paying to see this one again when itu0026#39;s released theatrically.”


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