The Sex Life of the Polyp (Short 1928)

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The Sex Life of the Polyp: Directed by Thomas Chalmers. With Robert Benchley. Dr. Benchley lectures the women’s club on the unusual but important title-topic.

“This has some very interesting material about Bruce Lee, mostly consisting of comments and interviews but also some clips of his fighting style Jeet Kune Do. Certainly it is interesting to hear how people who knew him thought about Bruce Lee but maybe the movie could have had a little more effects and stuff. John Little in his documentaries about Bruce Lee usually puts in some good music and stuff. This documentary is more clean-cut simply letting people give their eye-witness account of Bruce and speaking about what they thought about him and how it was to work with him. Most of them thinks he was phenomenal of course. Anyway, itu0026#39;s a good documentary, but a few scenes could have been omitted.”


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